Landlord & Tenant Law

Experienced landlords, beginning landlords, and tenants can all find the help they need with us. We are prepared to help you negotiate your leases and your rights. We have experience enforcing, reviewing, and drafting commercial and residential leases. Let us make the process easier for you. Our services include

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions (FED’s) and Special Detainer Actions (generally known as eviction actions);
  • Five Day Notices for non-payment;
  • Notice to cure or quit and notices to vacate;
  • Security deposit disputes;
  • Commercial and Residential Leases of all types;
  • Right to evict and right of protection from evictions;
  • Disagreements over property maintenance;
  • Pursuing damages to the property after surrender of the property;
  • Breach of lease actions;

Let us help you maintain your rights as a renter or a landlord. Leases can be negotiated; everyone has that right. Before you sign a lease you should take the time to read and understand what all of the stipulations of the lease entail. We can answer your questions:

  • Can you be forced to switch locations in a shopping center?
  • Is your security deposit greater than permissible by law?
  • Can your landlord rent to your competition?
  • Are you sharing a fair amount of taxes?
  • Are you being charged reasonable fees for common area maintenance (CAM assessments) and are they being audited and correctly accounted for?
  • Was your rent increased? How was it dealt with?
  • Are you paying for more than just your own utilities?
  • Do you have enough parking space?

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