Business Planning

If you are transferring, purchasing or selling a business or commercial property, please let us assist you. We will help you write a purchase and sale agreement (“P&S Agreement”) or buy/sell agreement that reflect the terms of the negotiated transaction and protect your interests in the best way possible. We will assist in negotiating the transaction as much or as little as you would like. In preparing the documents needed for your transaction.

Formation of Businesses and Disputes with Legal Entities


Properly forming businesses and resolving disputes with legal entities can be very complicated. Some examples of work we do in this area are:

  • Formation of legal entities like Corporations (Inc. or Co.), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Professional Limited Liability Companies (PLLCs), and Professional Limited Liability Partnerships (PLLPs)
  • Sale and dissolution
  • Business counseling
  • Owner, shareholder, vendor, and employment disputes, agreements, and formations
  • Partnership agreements and business sales
  • Business expansion
  • Voting agreements
  • Shareholder and Corporate Governance: change of control provisions, conflicts of interest, minority shareholder rights and claims, dissent and appraisal proceedings, shareholder inspection rights, derivative actions, valuation of closely held corporations, business judgment rule defenses, and duties of directors and officers; and
  • Contracts: any written or oral agreement some of which are service contracts with a primary vendor, output contracts with a key supplier, and sales contracts with an important customer.

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