Probate & Estate Planning

Estate planning provides a way for you to determine your lifetime objectives and your desires concerning the distribution of your assets after death. It involves wills, trusts, health care directives, and powers of attorney. Each situation is unique, and we can inform you what state and federal laws impact your wishes. Some potentially confusing issues you may come up against are trusts, family limited partnerships (FLPs), and limited liability companies (LLCs). We are prepared to deal with all of those issues. Let us help you make sure all of your wishes are understood and carried out.

  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning
    When considering your estate planning, you will need to know how to protect your assets from creditors' claims and tax collections. There is nothing dishonest about protecting your assets. We know the legal ways to make sure your property, wealth, and real estate remain intact for your heirs or retirement. Let us shield you from tax collection and creditors.
  • Estate Planning Needs of the Elderly
    We are qualified elder law attorneys. Let us help you prepare for dealing with health issues and legal concerns. We are specialized to help you with issues specific to your age. We will teach you how to avoid financial fraud, combate physical abuse, determine your desires for long-term health care needs, establish guardianships, and apply for government programs.
  • Wills and Trusts
    If you care how your property and goods will be distributed to your heirs, then you need a will. A will ensures that your family will be taken care of after you are gone. Let us help you write up a legal, valid will that will withstand a challenge in court. We are prepared to draft new wills and revise old wills. Trusts are sometimes desired in addition to wills. Come talk to us, so we can explain it all to you and help you decide what will best preserve your wishes.
  • Powers of Attorney
    If at some point you are unable to make decisions for yourself you will wish that you had appointed a power of attorney. By declaring a power of attorney before one is needed, you are in control of who will be your power of attorney. A power of attorney is a document that authorizes a person of your choice to make legally binding decisions for you. It gives you the opportunity to chose the person who you believe will act in your best wishes. There are many different types of powers of attorney with many different amounts of power dealing with different situations. Let us help you navigate all of the different issues.
  • Probate
    The probate process is not as awful as it is rumored to be—at least it does not have to be. Allow us to make sure your assets are preserved and distributed according to your interest.

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