We can bolster and protect your business through proper entity selection, legal business formation, business and commercial law, and contract law advice. We can help you make all the right residential and commercial real estate moves.

We offer reasonable rates for all types of clients from those who need representation in court to those who seek quick and simple advice.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer

  • Lawyers save you time and money. They get it done right the first time.
  • Lawyers are familiar with and educated in their areas of practice. A competent lawyer can assist and guide you through your legal issues.
  • Lawyers understand and are familiar with pitfalls within their area of expertise. They can explain them to you and help you make an educated decision.
  • No matter how honest you are, legal issues inevitably arise. A competent attorney is able to address your legal issues and prevent a legal dispute.

Law Practiced

Zoning and Land Use

Allow us to protect and inform you or your business in all proceedings regarding land use, zoning, and real estate. The intricacies of these laws can be confusing, so allow us to guide you through them.

Real Estate Development
Real estate cannot be developed without learning and obeying city, county, state, and federal regulations. Save time by allowing us to assist you with all of these.

Zoning: Variances, Rezoning, and Conditional Use Permits
Zoning is restrictions made by the government to control how real estate can be developed. Let us help you stay within the law. We can also work within these regulations to obtain exceptions or change the zoning to benefit your purposes.

Nonconforming Uses
This is an issue related to zoning. If the land was already in use before the zoning was made, then the land use may be continued, even if it is against the current zoning regulations, with our assistance.